Monthly Archives: June 2009

The Community is So Important!

Here is a picture of the rising seniors who were in my small group last week at Kairos, the Virginia Synod’s annual spiritual formation event for high school youth: At Kairos, the rising seniors are invited to give faith testimonies to the other 160 youth and adults gathered. Many of these youth talk about how […]

Just Wondering…

Hmmm. I don’t know, but do you think there might be a few stories more important than the death of Michael Jackson, and the investigation of his death? Iran? Iraq? Afghanistan? Health care for all Americans? And about a hundred other issues? Just wondering …

A Beautiful Wedding!

We pray God’s blessings on Maria Happel and Clayton Traver, married June 20, 2009! Maria and Clayton met while students at the College of William and Mary.  Maria was an active member of the Lutheran Student Association.

At Kairos

I’m at the Virginia Synod’s annual week-long spiritual formation event for high school youth, Kairos. I’m here with Robin Hudson, our Director of Family Ministries, and the youth we’ve brought are Erika, Zachary, Travis, Lorraine and Grant. This really is a marvelous event. One hundred-sixty youth spend extended periods of time in the same small […]

A Year Later

A year ago June 22 I baptized this baby at the Lositete Parish of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania. It is a very poor parish in a Masai village. It was a festival service! Many babies were brought to be baptized. Young people were confirmed, several people who had been excommunicated due to poor […]

How the Spirit has been working.

Tomorrow morning’s wedding at St. Stephen will be for Maria Happel and Clayton Traver. Here is what they write on their wedding website: “St. Stephen Lutheran church has a great deal of meaning for both of us. Long ago, Maria was baptized at St. Stephen, and attended the church all through college as a member […]

Morning Prayer

I find that Liquid Fence is 100% effective in repelling deer. One problem is rain, which washes the repellent off the plants, and we have had repeated rain in recent days. So — In the kitchen this morning at 5:45, to turn on the coffee pot. A glance out the window: FOUR deer out in […]

Recovering Rhythm

I’ve been more Benedictine the past few days, and I’m feeling better. There has been much, much too much to do the past few weeks, and this pace will continue through June. In addition, I’m in the middle of a stretch of five weeks during which three weddings and the Synod Assembly are consuming my […]

Christ is Risen!

This is what the flower bed in front of the church building looks like this morning! Since the easter lilies are reminding us, and since we celebrate Easter every time we gather, we can say, on this day of June 11: Christ is risen! The Lord is risen indeed! Alleluia!

A True Summer Day

It’s a true summer day, here in eastern Virginia. Very still; little breeze. Dripping-wet humid. “Hotter ‘n Hades,” as my Virginia-native, 89-year-old father-in-law would say. I love it! It’s also the time for the most beauty in the garden, with the Easter lilies and day lilies, the daisies and sundrops. Today is a recovery day, […]