Monthly Archives: October 2009

The World Series Begins!

The World Series begins tonight! For the first time in recent years, both teams are very strong, with great pitchers and scary hitters. In recent years, one team or the other has been dominant; no Series has lasted more than five games. It would be great fun if this would be an epic Series, going […]

When You’re Riding Your Bicycle

I got in about 30 miles today on two wheels, including a stretch on the Capital Trail along Rt. 5. I’m so glad to see how many folks are out there on the Trail riding new bikes — which makes me think that they may be newly-active. That’s a real good thing!  However, I wish […]

Historical Judgments in Formation

Don’t you wish you could have been a fly on the wall of President Obama’s speechwriters, when their Blackberries went off at 6:00 one recent morning with the message: “Uh, guys? The President has just been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. We’ll need a statement by 10 this morning.” I’ve enjoyed the clever folks who […]

What a Dream!

What fun it was, riding through Sussex County, Virginia, on a 36-year old bicycle this past Saturday! Rain threatened, which kept the numbers down. There were only nine of us. So, the ride was sociable. No one felt the need to pretend he was Lance. And all of us were old, so my bike prompted […]

It’s On The Road!

A couple of months ago, I saw a new Bianchi in the window of Bikes Unlimited that’s actually a re-issue of a bike they made decades ago. It’s part of the “retro” fad in bicycles these days. It has old-fashioned frame geometry, a lugged, steel frame. It’s $3,000! I thought, “Well, I have a bike […]

Health Update

It’s been well more than a year since “health update” was the title of one of my blog entries. Three years ago today, I was too sick to work, suffering from a fever and being treated for a malady it turns out I did not have. On October 24 of 2006, I was hospitalized, and […]

A White Shirt and a Tie

You wouldn’t believe how well dressed folks are on the sidewalk, at our end of campus on Jamestown Road. That’s because of the new School of Business building. Faculty and even students are all dressed up in navy blue business suits, ties for the men; they’re much better dressed than nearly everyone I’ve visited at […]

Hang Up and Drive

Drivers talking on their cell phones really pushes one of my buttons.  Why?  I’ll reveal that at the end of the following quotes. Here’s some of an article by Matt Richtel, in yesterday’s New York Times, . “The compulsion to work while driving often trumps clear evidence that such activity is dangerous.  Studies show that […]