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Is the day ruined?

I love the letters to the editor published in the Richmond Times-Dispatch. I think the editors work hard to select letters that are intelligent, and of a variety that keeps the page from being predictable. Here’s the first paragraph from a recent favorite, published December 17: “The federal holiday, Christmas, rolls around each year with […]


When was the last time that, in Williamsburg, Virginia, the temperature stayed so low that an inch of snow remained on the ground for days? Not in recent memory. At one time, decades ago, this would not have been unusual. My wife, Patty, born and raised in Williamsburg, tells stories of Lake Matoaka freezing so […]

Key name: Reinhold Niebuhr

Obama’s Christian Realism By DAVID BROOKS Published: December 14, 2009 If you were graduating from Princeton in the first part of the 20th century, you probably heard the university president, John Hibben, deliver one of his commencement addresses. Hibben’s running theme, which was common at that time, was that each person is part angel, part […]

When we are pressed from every side …

“The truth about our lives is that when it gets deep and hard, and when we are pressed from every side, we simply cannot make up our faith on the fly. We need a reservoir of hope and life and discipline and practice upon which to call when the time is urgent.” (Mark Ramsey) That, […]