Monthly Archives: February 2010

The Lunar Phase

Last night, up for a “body break” in the middle of the night, I noticed how bright the light was outside.  A full moon! That means Easter is only one lunar cycle away — since, of course, Easter is the first Sunday affter the first full moon following the Vernal Equinox.  (Of course!  You knew […]

Two colds in one season!

I never catch a cold! Well, that’s been true in past years. This week, I’ve been socked in by a terrible cold; the second one I’ve had in three months! (The first hit me at the end of Advent, and I simply had to keep going, or so I assumed in my arrogance — which […]

Rain is wonderful

I made an extravagent purchase a couple of months ago: a Bose “Soundlink” system. The system includes a plug-in to a computer’s USB port. When I go to a radio station’s internet site and click on its live stream, the plug-in becomes a transmitter, sending the signal to a portable speaker with incredible sound. I […]

Home for a month already

I flew home from Israel one month ago today. Wow. February has just flown past. I’m able to return to the area around the Sea of Galilee by reading a book I bought over there, written by a Christian archeologist named Bargel Pixner, who lived and taught in Galilee for decades. (I could not make […]

It was REAL cold! But at least it was windy.

I got out on my road bike this morning for only the third time in 2010. The temperature was a little bit below freezing, and there was a stiff wind. But the roads were clear! That hasn’t been true very often in 2010. (Here’s a comparison: in 2009 I rode 3,050 miles, including 106 commutes. […]


The Christian faith Tradition contains many polarities. (A polarity is two truths that are equally true, but contradictory. The two truths must be held in tension.) One such polarity is that God is at the same time transcendent (God is holy, “other,” mystery that cannot be understood) and God’s immanent (this means God in human […]

Back to Normal

When I neglect morning prayer, I forget to notice God’s presence. In fact, God is blessing us, each day, in our material, fleshly concerns. This morning, for instance, in the prayer for Wednesday, in the resource I use: “God of all mercies, we praise you that you have brought us to this new day, brightening […]