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It’s about the only thing in our yard that the deer haven’t eaten: the Lenten Rose plant that is blooming! It’s just glorious! Wait minute. It’s still Lent. Can we call anything glorious before Easter?! Actually — yes! — at least, according to that quirky gospel of John. Check out John 13:31. (You need to […]

One Thing At A Time

Deep into Lent, with so many demands, we are trying to live according to this quote, by Gerald May: Try a little consecrated Zen. Do one thing at a time, with complete, immediate mindfulness. Don’t do it to get it done so you can get on to the next thing. Do it for love. Do […]

These Seem To Be Words of Wisdom

Yesterday, on the way into a meeting, a colleague and I were talking politics, and he said, “It seems to me that the only people talking are from either the right or left extremes, and they’re all lying.” I asked what he meant by “lying,” and he said, “They’ll say anything to advance their agenda.” […]

Lenten Practice

“’Part of what’s going on is a shift from a privatized piety to a relationship with God that includes all human beings,’ said the Rev. Mark Horak, the pastor of Holy Trinity. ‘That’s a major shift, but it’s fundamental to Scripture.’ “The trend, what one might call the rebranding of Lent, has no specific leader, […]

It Dudn’t Get Much Better Than This!

Ah! A 75-degree day. The sky is primary-color-blue. Not a cloud in the sky. A Miata. A meeting in Richmond, giving me an excuse to put the top down and drive on Rt. 5, my favorite roadstah road.* It dudn’t get much better than this! * Elsa Englert is the oldest member of our congregation. […]

My Favorite Bookstore in the World

One day my daughter, Emily, wrote on my Facebook page, “It’s been seven days since you last posted something on your blog. I’m just saying.” But what if I don’t have anything to say? I’ve been told it’s a rule of blogging: I have to post something at least every few days, or people get […]

Spiritual Nourishment at a Council Meeting

Faith formation is the aim of everything we do as a congregation — every worship service, every study group, every children’s class, even every meeting! Yes, even meetings are sources of spiritual nourishment — when we’re attentive to God’s presence with us; aware that the work we are to be about is God’s work; discerning […]

Word Play

A.) Out on my early morning bike ride, I saw this saying on a car license plate: Y Tax Is this driver protesting all taxes, or just the personal property tax? If I ever see that car in a parking lot, I think I’ll put this note under the windshield wiper: Y tax? 2 repair […]