Monthly Archives: September 2010

Some Common Sense

The editors of the Richmond Times-Dispatch interviewed Teresa A. Sullivan, who is the president of the University. A couple of things she said are striking because they are so full of common sense. (That they are striking for that reason is sad. But there often seems such a scarcity of common sense …) Dr. Sullivan […]

Does the Holy Spirit use facebook?

This happened to me this morning. For the duration of one Navy tour, Louise was a parishioner in the congregation I served in Virginia Beach during the 1980s. Last night, she discovered me on facebook. You see, I’m a “facebook friend” with Walt, who lives in Fredericksburg, VA. Louise is also a friend with Walt, […]

The Answer is, “Yes”

God’s answer to the question in Genesis 4:9 is, of course, “Yes!” That Biblical view is not a popular answer in our culture that worships privacy.  In our culture, those who answer “yes” are labeled “nosey,” or “busybodies.”  And so, I was struck by two items in this past Saturday’s Richmond paper, describing the efforts of […]

Adventures in Daily Prayer

I choose the passage for the Sunday sermon weeks early, so I can give Michael a general theme for his hymn selections.  Then, the week leading up to the Sunday, I work on the sermon every day.  Monday I read the commentaries on the passage and let that seep into my unconscious.  Tuesday is the […]

Back on the bike

Back on the road bike this morning for a quick 16 or 17 miles. A good time to think of where the sermon might go this coming Sunday: some fresh thinking, perhaps, on the story of the rich man and Lazarus. I’ve been riding my commuting bike to work the past couple of days, but […]

September 11

In the daily lectionary I use, the Old Testament reading for today is the first verses of Job, chapter 38, which begin, “Then the Lord answered Job out of the whirlwind: ‘Who is this that darkens counsel by words without knowledge?’” It seems to me there have been many words without knowledge this year, as September […]

Terry Jones – II

Will he go through with his plans to burn copies of the Qu’ran, or won’t he?  Is there a deal involving the proposed Muslim study center a few blocks from the former World Trade Center site in New York City, or isn’t there?  The saga of self-proclaimed “the Rev.” Terry Jones, full-time salesman of used […]

Terry Jones I

I’ve been thinking a lot about Terry Jones.  Terry Jones is the pastor of a 50 (50!)-member independent church in Florida.  His name has become famous around the world because he is threatening to burn copies of the Qu’ran on September 11, and the news media has picked the story up.  Terry Jones is not […]