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I Love Corroboration!

According to my American Heritage Dictionary (yes, I still like to use an actual dictionary), the word “corroborate” means “To strengthen or support with other evidence, make more certain.” Well, here’s some corroboration of a theme I’ve addressed often, this from the New York Times: Message to Executives: Stop Multitasking By MATT RICHTEL I spent […]

Baptismal Repentance

I came across this in my morning reading, from Gregory of Nyssa (4th century), in his “Life of Moses”: “Those who pass through the mystical water in baptism must put to death in the water the whole phalanx of evil — such as covetousness, unbridled desire, rapacious thinking, the passion of conceit and arrogance, wild […]

How to Translate “The Jews” in the Passion According to St. John

            Since the 7th century, a Christian practice on Good Friday has been to read the Passion According to St. John.  (“Passion” comes from the Latin noun passio, meaning “suffering.”)             The gospel of John was composed in approximately the year 100.  The author is remembering and interpreting the Jesus story for a tiny community […]

What the Procession With Palms Looks Like Today

Since I’m facebook friends with Haley Vay Poynter and Pastor Heidi Neumark, I get to see pictures of what’s going on where Haley is doing her internship, at Trinity Lutheran Church in Manhattan.  The congregation’s building is located on 100th Street, a few blocks west of Central Park.  I’ve been very much moved by pictures […]

We Cannot Live a Spiritual Life Alone

“We cannot live a spiritual life alone.  The life of the Spirit is like a seed that needs fertile ground to grow.  This fertile ground includes not only a good inner disposition, but also a supportive milieu. “It is hard to live a life of prayer in a milieu where no one prays or speaks […]

Our Real Work

Wow, I have a lot to do. Holy Week is next week, and I’m working on preparations. I’ve recruited readers for the Passion Reading at both services this Sunday. I need to send e-mail to Altar Guild and ushers and parents of young children and acolytes to alert them to their roles in the Procession […]

I’m feeling better now

The problem: too much caffeine yesterday. The result: Difficulty getting to sleep; awake for a couple of hours in the middle of the night; physically fatigued, emotionally exhausted, spiritually deadened in the morning. The antidote: getting on the bicycle! Prayer time while pedaling. I’m feeling better now. (I did my 17-mile loop around Queen’s Lake […]

The First Day

Today the first day warm enough to sit outside Pre-dawn Eyes closed Mug of coffee The raucous bird’s chorus providing the soundtrack to my prayer Giving thanks for the gift of another day of life What joy

A Decade of Blessings

What blessings from God over the past 10 years — in my personal life, and in my work as pastor of St. Stephen Lutheran Church. Receiving a Master of Sacred Theology degree from the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia. Emily graduating from high school. Working through dynamics of leadership in the congregation that had not […]