Compline (or Night Prayer) is one of four liturgies for daily prayer in “Evangelical Lutheran Worship,” to be used as the day and evening progresses.  Compline is a moving way to conclude the evening, just before bed. At the end of every evening study group, Council meeting and Worship and Music Committee meeting, we turn to page 320 in the front of the worship book and use this contemplative liturgy.

Near the conclusion of the liturgy, there are six prayers to choose from, according to what the leader determines to be appropriate. Usually, two or three are prayed. Since my son is a police officer who works the midnight shift in Chesterfield County, VA, when I lead Compline, I always include this prayer:

“Eternal God, the hours both of day and night are yours, and to you the darkness is no threat. Be present, we pray, with those who labor in these hours of night, especially those who watch and work on behalf of others. Grant them diligence in their watching, faithfulness in their service, courage in danger, and competence in emergencies. Help them to meet the needs of others with confidence and compassion; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.”