Monthly Archives: December 2011

We Need This, Don’t We?

Christmas night.  A deep-sleep nap during the afternoon.  A quiet day.  (It’s the in-laws’ turn to have the kids this year.)  Patty re-created the wonderful Irish brown bread and a scrumptious fish chowder that we ate numerous times along the west coast of Ireland this past summer.  I’ve been reading, listening to beautiful Christmas music […]

The Happiest Holiday Ever?

One of the magazines Patty receives (irregularly, when the post office is able to deliver it) is “Real Simple.” I’ve been thinking about this month’s cover. It looks like a Christmas package. It promises help to achieve “The Happiest Christmas Ever” with these articles: “30 impressive make-ahead cookies” “showstopping decorating ideas” “party skirts for any […]

VERY Provocative Words!

These very provocative words were written a few days ago by Bishop Mike Rinehart of the Texas-Lousiana Gulf Coast Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. “Here’s my hunch. Everything for me rises or falls on this bet. I’m putting all my eggs in this basket: “The turnaround of the mainline churches will happen […]

Evangelism After Christendom – II

“The most evangelistic thing the church can do today is to be the church — to be formed imaginatively by the Holy Spirit through core practices such as worship, forgiveness, hospitality, and economic sharing into a distinctive people in the world, a new social option, the body of Christ. It is the very shape and […]

Evangelism After Christendom

One of the most important books I’ve ever read is “Evangelism After Christendom,” by Bryan Stone.  St. Stephen Ministry Associate, Doug Cummings, Parish Administrator, Sandy Peterkin, St. Stephen member Heidi Flatin and I are discussing the book over lunch every Monday.  I’d be interested in conversation with anyone else who would like to read it! […]

I Love This Congregation That I Serve

I love this congregation that I serve. Last night, for an example: the surprising number of folks who brought food and gathered together for a meal. (We had never done an Advent potluck before.  The idea was to have something low key, an opportunity to take a break during this season for simplly fellowship.)   The […]