Why did the turtle cross the road?

The answer, of course, is: To get to the other side!

Now: What is the turtle interested in, on the other side of the road? Well, I don’t know enough about turtles to answer that question. And to the question: Why are so many turtles trying to get to the other side of the road at this time of year? Again, I’m not enough of a turtle expert to know. (I suspect that it has to do with turtle sexual activity.)

All I know is that, at this time of year, I frequently see smashed turtles in the middle of traffic lanes as well as more turtles trying to cross roads. I notice this, especially, when I’m out on my bicycle. So, when I see a turtle trying to cross, I stop, I lean the bike against something, I walk back to pick up the turtle, and I place it in the weeds on the other side of the road.

Doing this is nearly always inconvenient. It’s always when I’m out of town, so I’ve been pedaling for a while so that I’m warmed up, and I’m in a groove. (Today I was even enjoying a 20+ mile-per-hour downhill!)

But I’m happy to engage in these acts of stewardship. (“Stewardship” = taking care of what God has given us.) These are small acts in my stewardship of nature, just like bicycling to work as often as possible, and using cloth bags when shopping, and so on.

What have been your practices of stewardship today?

About Pastor Andy Ballentine

Pastor Andy Ballentine loves being a parish pastor! Pastor Ballentine took his BA degree from the University of Virginia (with a major in sociology) and earned the Master of Divinity degree at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago. He earned the Master of Sacred Theology degree at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia, with the thesis topic of: "How Benedictine Monastic Spirituality Nourishes Parish Ministry." He has completed the program of Spiritual Direction from the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation. In the Virginia Synod, Pastor Ballentine has served as Dean of the Peninsula Conference and as chaplain to the candidates in the Virginia Synod’s Candidacy process (those on the way to being approved for ordained and professional ministries in the church). He has staffed many, many Virginia Synod youth events!

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for caring for the turtles Andy. I make a habit of moving them also, and like you always to safety in the direction they are heading since if you move them back to the often more convenient location from which they came they will just head right back out into the road again after you have left!

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