Children’s Sunday Morning

Faith Formation Year 2012 – 2013 Calendar



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16th Faith Formation classes start Lesson: “Creation Story” – Genesis 1:1-2:4

23th Lesson: “Creation Story” continued

30th Lesson: Creation Story” continued


7th Lesson: “Noah’s Ark” – Genesis 6-9

14th Lesson: Noah’s Arkcontinued

21th Lesson: “Joseph and His Brothers” – Genesis 37:1-28

28th Lesson: “Joseph and His Brothers” continued


4th Lesson: Joseph and His Brothers” continued

11th Lesson: “Baby Moses” – Exodus 2:1-10

18th Lesson: Baby Moses – continued

25th- No Faith Formation


2nd Lesson: “Jesus is Born” – Luke 2:1-20

9th Lesson: “Jesus is Born” -continued

16th Lesson: “Jesus is Born” -continued

23rd No Faith Formation classes

30th No Faith Formation classes


6th  Lesson: “The Plagues” – Exodus 7:14-12:32

13th Lesson: The Plagues continued

20th Lesson: “The Red Sea” – Exodus 14:1-30

27nd Lesson: The Red Sea continued


3rd Lesson: “Wandering in the Wilderness” Exodus 16:1-18, 17:1-7

10th Lesson: “Wandering in the Wilderness” – continued

17th Lesson: “The Battle of Jericho” – Joshua 6:1-10

24th Lesson: “The Battle of Jericho” – continued


3rd Lesson: “The Last Supper” – Matthew 26:17-30

10th Lesson: “The Last Supper” – continued

17th Lesson: The Last Supper – continued

24th Easter Egg Hunt

31st Easter: No Faith Formation


7th Lesson: “David and Goliath” – 1 Samuel 17:4-11

14th Lesson: “David and Goliath” – continued

21st Lesson: “Daniel and the Lions” – Daniel 6:1-28

28th Lesson: Daniel and the Lions” continued


5th Lesson: “Jonah and the Big Fish” – Jonah 1-4

12th Lesson: “Jonah and the Big Fish” – continued

19th Faith Formation Breakfast