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About Pastor Andy Ballentine

Pastor Andy Ballentine loves being a parish pastor! Pastor Ballentine took his BA degree from the University of Virginia (with a major in sociology) and earned the Master of Divinity degree at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago. He earned the Master of Sacred Theology degree at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia, with the thesis topic of: "How Benedictine Monastic Spirituality Nourishes Parish Ministry." He has completed the program of Spiritual Direction from the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation. In the Virginia Synod, Pastor Ballentine has served as Dean of the Peninsula Conference and as chaplain to the candidates in the Virginia Synod’s Candidacy process (those on the way to being approved for ordained and professional ministries in the church). He has staffed many, many Virginia Synod youth events!

Doing Justice, Loving Kindness and Walking Humbly With Our God

Micah 6:1-8     Fourth Sunday after Epiphany (Lectionary 4)     January 29, 2017   Do you know what God desires?  God desires that all of creation will flourish.  That is the consistent witness throughout the Bible. God desires that all human and animal creatures, that all fish and birds, that all vegetation will flourish in […]

Light, Good News, Healing

Matthew 4:12-23     Third Sunday after Epiphany     January 22, 2017   Good morning, citizens of the Divided States of America!  Our new president was inaugurated two days ago.  Do you feel joyous, hopeful and optimistic about our future under our new president?  Or do you believe we are in a time of great uncertainty? […]

Christ is Born Into Our Violent World

Matthew 2:13-23    First Sunday After Christmas    January 1, 2017   According to the Gregorian calendar, today is the first day of a new year.  Of course, according to the liturgical calendar, we’ve  already wished each other “Happy New Year!”  (When was that?  That’s right: the First Sunday of Advent!) Today is a big day […]

God Is in Charge — Which in the Bible, Often Means That Things Do Not Go Well in the Short Run

  Luke 21:5-19    Lectionary 33 in Ordinary Time; 26th Sunday after Pentecost     November 13, 2016   Before the election, I put a tongue-in-cheek political post on facebook.  (Tongue-in-cheek humor is always a dangerous thing.  The danger is that people will take it seriously!)  I posted that we really had to decide which […]

It’s The Day After The Day After

On this day after the day after the election, I am thinking about the candidates in human terms. I am thinking about how subdued Donald Trump has been over the past two days.  (I wonder if that’s because he’s thinking “Holy ****!  NOW what do I do?”  According to interviews, even many of those who […]

On the Morning After the Election of Donald Trump

We Americans  — Republicans as well as Democrats — are waking up to the stunning news that we have elected Donald Trump to be our next president.  What does this mean for our future?  Financial market futures have plunged because financial markets tremble in the face of uncertainty.  World leaders are bracing for the possibility […]