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About Pastor Andy Ballentine

Pastor Andy Ballentine loves being a parish pastor! Pastor Ballentine took his BA degree from the University of Virginia (with a major in sociology) and earned the Master of Divinity degree at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago. He earned the Master of Sacred Theology degree at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia, with the thesis topic of: "How Benedictine Monastic Spirituality Nourishes Parish Ministry." He has completed the program of Spiritual Direction from the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation. In the Virginia Synod, Pastor Ballentine has served as Dean of the Peninsula Conference and as chaplain to the candidates in the Virginia Synod’s Candidacy process (those on the way to being approved for ordained and professional ministries in the church). He has staffed many, many Virginia Synod youth events!

It Has Been A Day

It has been a day — of spending time this morning with John , whose hip had just been replaced; of leading a Memorial Service this afternoon for Kathy, whose baptism into the death and resurrection of Christ is complete; and of offering a Prayer for Healing at “Orlando: A Multi-faith Service of Remembrance and […]

But Don’t We Have to DO Something First, to Please God?

Galatians 1:1-12     Lectionary 9; Second Sunday after Pentecost     May 29, 2016   “Don’t just do something.  Sit there!”  Have you ever heard that?  It was the title of a book, once upon a time.  The point is that often, we act too quickly, when it would be better to stop first, to think […]

We’ve Entered “Ordinary Time”

It’s the end of the year.  The campuses at William and Mary and other universities have emptied out.  Seniors have graduated.  Soon, it’ll be time for high schools to graduate their seniors.   Underclass students are pursuing summer internships and jobs.  What year has ended?  It’s the academic year, of course. We keep track of several […]

God Comes Into the World as Holy Spirit

Acts 2:1-21; Romans 8:14-17, 22-27     Pentecost     May 15, 2016   When a baby’s going to come, she’s going to come!  Right? Hopefully, the parents are ready to respond.  Hopefully, the parents are prepared for what’s happening because they’ve received pre-childbirth instruction.  Hopefully they have some things packed for an overnight stay in the […]