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Pastor Any Ballentine loves being a parish pastor! Pastor Ballentine took his BA degree from the University of Virginia (with a major in sociology) and earned the Master of Divinity degree at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago. He earned the Master of Sacred Theology degree at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia (thesis topics: how Benedictine monastic spirituality nourishes parish ministry). Most recently, he completed the program of Spiritual Direction from the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation. In the Virginia Synod, Pastor Ballentine is Dean of the Peninsula Conference. He is also chaplain to the candidates in the Virginia Synod’s Candidacy process, those on the way to being approved for ordained and professional ministries in the church.

Trusting God, Watching for What God is Doing, Cooperating with What God is Doing   Recently updated !

Time After Pentecost – Lectionary 17     John 6:1-21    July 26, 2015   Jesus presents Philip with an insoluble problem.  We’re six chapters into the story of Jesus, in John’s gospel.  Jesus has been doing some miraculous things.  At a wedding, in the town of Cana, Jesus turned water into wine![1]  He healed a royal […]

What Is The Work God Wants You To Do?   Recently updated !

 Amos 7:7-15     Time After Pentecost – Lectionary 15    July 12, 2015   Amos is plaintive in his protest!  Amaziah, the priest of Bethel, is confronting Amos because Amos’ prophecies are upsetting the comfortable status quo.  Amaziah is saying that Amos needs to go away from there, to upset people in some other […]

Belief and Unbelief, Repentance and Rejection

Time After Pentecost – Lectionary 14 Mark 6:1-13 July 5, 2015 It’s always interesting to read what’s actually in the Bible. In this morning’s stories from the gospel of Mark, do you notice what’s going on? These are stories of rejection! Nearly everyone rejects Jesus in his hometown, and Jesus has to prepare his missionaries […]

Working, Waiting, Trusting, Watching

 Time After Pentecost – Lectionary 11     Mark 4:26-34     June 14, 2015 I might have become a monk – if it hadn’t been for that darn vow of celibacy,.  I find that my day-to-day spiritual practice is Benedictine.  St. Benedict lived in the 6th century and all monasteries live according to his Rule for […]

Trust, Anxiety, Sin, Sinners and Saints

Time After Pentecost – Lectionary 10     Genesis 3:[1-7]8-15     June 7, 2015 All of us are sinners, it is true.  This morning we read one of the most famous stories of all time.  It’s from the second creation account in Genesis, the first book in the Bible.  It’s a story about the first woman […]

I had never even heard of Karin Krog!

I love listening to KCSM, a jazz radio station broadcasting from San Mateo, California. I listen to their live stream over the Internet. I especially enjoy listening early in the morning here in Virginia because it’s still night in California, and middle-of-the-night jazz is the best! This morning I was captivated by one selection, an […]

With Open Eyes

I’m not usually a visual person when I pray. I’ve read a lot, and know a lot about visual prayer practices — such as gazing into the eyes of an icon to see the eyes of God looking back at the person praying.  I have tried to practice visual prayer. But, when I look at an object, […]