The Basics

The Lutheran Student Association (LSA) is a group of William and Mary students who are predominantly Lutheran. img_1755-small We gather to share fun, food, and fellowship.  Our members are united in their faith in God, but we’re diverse in our backgrounds, experiences, majors, and personalities!

We seek to provide an environment where

  • we can explore what our faith means to us as college students
  • we can have fun and form meaningful friendships
  • we can leave behind the pressures of life at William and Mary
  • we can become part of the larger Williamsburg community by serving others and participating the St. Stephen congregation.


What do we do?

In LSA, we have a whole variety of activities.  Each year, students decide how they’d like to get together.  For instance, on Wednesday nights some years, we’ve gathered for “WOW” — “Word on Wednesday” — a Bible study.  One of us chooses a passage and prepares some questions, and the conversation goes from there.

cookout-lunch-2008-5-smallOther years on Wednesday nights, we’ve declared 9:00 pm to be a Study Break, since we all need a respite from those hard classes!  Study Break activities on Wednesday night can include games, discussions, ice cream, a short Communion service led by Pastor Ballentine, service projects, or just hanging out and unwinding.

Our meetings on Sunday are similar, but with an important difference: free dinner!  Each Sunday at 5:30 pm, a Mom from the congregation or one of our fellow LSAers cooks a meal.  It’s truly wonderful to share a home-cooked (i.e. not from a W&M dining hall!) meal with good friends before another hectic week starts!

In previous years students have been interested in weekend camping trips, a beach week after the Spring semester, …  Join in the planning for this year!

St. Stephen Lutheran Church & the College Room

We meet at St. Stephen Lutheran Church.  The Pastor, Andy Ballentine, and the congregation love having students around.  LSAers participate in the congregation in many ways, such as teaching in a Sunday morning Faith Formation class, or serving as a Communion assistant or lector, or singing in the choir, or helping with children’s music.  In addition, Pastor Ballentine regularly meets with LSAers who are interested in discerning what work God is calling them to do as they’re envisioning life beyond school.  (His e-mail is

The LSA is privileged to have its very own room in St. Stephen, called the College Room, where we hold our meetings.  The College Room is open 24/7 to all LSA members who need a place to study or relax.  (We’ll show you the best couch for a quick nap in-between classes!)  The College Room features wireless Internet and a refrigerator filled with left-overs.

Contact one of our officers!

President: Sarah Hakkenberg

Vice President for Service and Publicity: Veronica Ferris

Activities Coordinator: Sarah Summers

Treasurer: Brett Prestia

Here’s the link the the Lutheran Student Movement: (The LSA is part of the LSM!)

Imagine yourself being who God created you to be