spiritual-directionA pilgrim and his/her spiritual director (or guide!) listen for that, in spiritual direction conversations.  This has been one of Pastor Ballentine’s ministries since completing the Shalem Institute’s Program of Spiritual Guidance.

Under the title, “What is Spiritual Direction?” Brenda Giannini of Richmond Hill writes this:

“Spiritual direction is a commitment.  You have to dedicate time, do the work, be willing to be vulnerable.  Spiritual direction is an extended conversation — one you have over time with another person about your life.  Through this conversation, the directee opens to the wonder of grace in ordinary and not so ordinary experiences.  An awareness of the Divine is created, manifested, nourished and maintained through the ongoing dialog of spiritual direction.  The direction you take is towards God.

“What is important in this spiritual process?  How does the process work to accomplish such incredible goals?  First, an individual must have the desire for spiritual direction. Perhaps there is a call from God, or a nudge from the Holy Spirit.

“The individual must really want to see, know, love God.  One must be willing to enter into a dialog with another person who is skilled in the art of listening, who can assist in the discernment of God.  Because of the tender, private nature of the conversation, the relationship between the director and directee must be one of trust and respect.  The conversation is confidential, the space and the quiet are sacred.

“Spiritual direction is the individual’s walk to the edge, the ‘rim of life,’ so as to be in close relationship with God.  In that relationship, one grows into the person that God intended.  You learn to look at your interior life differently which takes courage and persistence.  That is why it is so good to know that spiritual direction takes two people.  You have a spiritual friend who listens to you talk about matters of the Spirit, about God.

“The art of conversation is as old as the world itself.  Taking the time once a month to have a spiritual director ask the question, ‘Where is God in your life?’ can profoundly change your life over time.  The answer to the question can redirect your life, deepen your sense of who you are, and help you to find your way through the wilderness of worldliness to God.”

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