Welcome New and Returning William and Mary Students!


William and Mary

If you’re an incoming student, check out our Campus Ministry to see what goes on!


Gather for Worship!

Sunday mornings at 8:30 and 11:00.

Informal Holy Communion with Bible Study, each Wednesday, 6:30 PM.




Would You Like to Help provide Sunday Dinners for our Lutheran College Students?


Hooray! They’re back!  And, they’re hungry! Every Sunday evening at 6:00 pm, students from the College of William & Mary meet and eat in the dedicated Lutheran Student Association (LSA) space downstairs. For the past few years, the congregation has provided this meal as a way to nourish and connect with students, and we need some help to keep this important ministry going! There are several ways you can help:
  1. Provide an entire meal (entree, side dish, salad and dessert) for about 25 students one Sunday during the semester.
  2. Join forces with a friend and split the work above.
  3. Provide nourishing snacks in the LSA room once a month (fruit, popcorn, chips, granola bars, juices)
  4. Help maintain the cleanliness of the LSA kitchen, fridge, and eating area.

We have a budget to reimburse for food expenses.  Contact Terry Hinders!  (If you don’t have a congregation directory, call the church office for her number.  229-6688)

Finding Our Way Again: The Return of the Ancient Practices


Do you hunger for more than just talk about faith?  Are you interested in exploring how you can live out your faith in your daily life?

Announcing a New Monday Evening and Thursday Afternoon Book Study of  “Finding Our Way Again: The Return of the Ancient Practices,” by Brian McLaren.

In a culture where there is so much distraction, how do we focus on God’s presence and come to know our purpose as children of God?

Too often, “Christianity” has become a system of belief, rather than a way of life.  How can we cultivate behaviors that reflect Jesus’ model of compassion, grace and forgiveness?  Too often, “spirituality” is exclusively inner-focused.  How can we engage in faith practices that combine the contemplative (individual prayer and devotion), the communal (what we do when we gather together), and the missional (serving those who are in need)?

Brian McLaren’s book, Finding Our Way Again: The Return of the Ancient Practices, will get us started in this conversation.  Practices such as daily prayer and spiritual reading, sharing in the sacred meal of Holy Communion, practicing Sabbath and observing holy days, fasting, generosity and simplicity “do for our souls what exercise does for our bodies or study does for our minds….These ancient practices are the means by which we prepare for grace to surprise us.”

Pastor Ballentine will convene this study at two times during the week.  The Monday night study will begin September 14, at 7:00 PM.  The Thursday afternoon study will begin September 17, at 2:30 PM.  Order a copy of the book and join us!  For more information, call the church office at 757-229-6688.


Did You Know that the ELCA is the Most Ecumenical Church Body in the United States?

Always new


Since 1997, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has been in Full Communion (with interchangeable sacraments and clergy) with the Episcopal Church USA, the Presbyterian Church USA, the United Methodist Church, the United Church of Christ, the Reformed Church in America and the Moravian Church.  (None of them are in Full Communion with each other, only with the ELCA.)

That is why, each Sunday, prayers are offered for congregations of these churches in Full Communion with the ELCA: to highlight our unique openness to other traditions.

To learn more about our national denomination, click this: www.elca.org


St. Stephen Folks Are Staffing Hunger Ministry on Friday Evenings

Packing dinners 05-09-14

We’re preparing and delivering dinners to those who are homeless many Friday evenings during the year, as part of the “From His Hands” ministry .  Below is the schedule for 2015.  Call Randy Punchard or Michael Javier if you would like to give of your time to this ministry.  (If you don’t have a congregational directory, call the church office or pick one up the next time you’re by.)

September 11 – Motel 6 – Team Randy
October 9 – Motel 6 – Team Michael; Super 8 – Team Randy
October 30 – Super 8 – Both Teams
November 13 – Motel 6 – Team Randy
December 11 – Motel 6 – Team Michael; Super 8 – Team Randy

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