A Workshop: Getting Your Affairs in Order

We gathered on Saturday, April 25 to learn about advance directives, living wills and powers of attorney from lawyer Susan Jean.  Parish Nurse Marcie Clark informed us about our choices once with regard to home care and care facilities.  Tasha and Christy from Bucktrout Funeral Home talked about what happens to our bodies after we die and the choices available.


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Did You Know that the ELCA is the Most Ecumenical Church Body in the United States?

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Since 1997, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has been in Full Communion (with interchangeable sacraments and clergy) with the Episcopal Church USA, the Presbyterian Church USA, the United Methodist Church, the United Church of Christ, the Reformed Church in America and the Moravian Church.  (None of them are in Full Communion with each other, only with the ELCA.)

That is why, each Sunday, prayers are offered for congregations of these churches in Full Communion with the ELCA: to highlight our unique openness to other traditions.


St. Stephen Folks Are Staffing Hunger Ministry on Friday Evenings

Packing dinners 05-09-14

We’re preparing and delivering dinners to those who are homeless many Friday evenings during the year, as part of the “From His Hands” ministry .  Below is the schedule for 2015.  Call Randy Punchard or Michael Javier if you would like to give of your time to this ministry.  (If you don’t have a congregational directory, call the church office or pick one up the next time you’re by.):

May 8 – Motel 6 – Team Randy
May 29 – Super 8 – Team Michael
June 12 – Motel 6 – Team Michael; Super 8 – Team Randy
July 10 – Motel 6 – Team Randy
July 31 – Super 8 – Team Michael
August 14 – Motel 6 – Team Michael; Super 8 – Team Randy
September 11 – Motel 6 – Team Randy
October 9 – Motel 6 – Team Michael; Super 8 – Team Randy
October 30 – Super 8 – Both Teams
November 13 – Motel 6 – Team Randy
December 11 – Motel 6 – Team Michael; Super 8 – Team Randy

“Living Lutheran”

Check out a great web site: www.livinglutheran.com