Coming Up at St Stephen

Services Planned during Lent and Easter

This schedule is still under discussion based on current events

Holden Evening Prayer Service

March 25th, 7 PM: Holden Evening Prayer – Given

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Future Services

April 1st, 7 PM: Holden Evening Prayer – Being

April 9th, 7 PM: Maundy Thursday worship, includes foot washing during this Holy Communion service. We will recall the story in John’s gospel – of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples, remembering that we are also to serve each other as the Body of Christ. The service concludes with the stripping of the altar in preparation for Good Friday.

April 10th, 7 PM: Good Friday worship. Our worship is rooted in the cross: a full reading of the passion and its preached interpretation; intercessions that extend to all the needy creation; worship of the Crucified One at the throne of grace, the cross upon which he is lifted.

April 11, 8 PM: Easter Vigil. “The light of Christ! Thanks be to God!” This most dramatic worship service begins in darkness. With hand-held candles, we enter into an ancient chant. In half-light we hear Scripture readings of God’s salvation history, and we return to our baptisms. We end in full light, with the first Holy Communion of Easter – followed by chocolate and champagne!

April 12th, Easter Sunday: Festival Easter worship at 8 AM, 9:30 AM, and 11 AM.


April 4th, 11 AM: The interment of Stan Hobday‚Äôs ashes at Providence Cemetery in Matthews.  Come to honor and remember Stan.

Recurring Events

Every third Sunday of the month. Blood Pressure Screening! A nurse will be available in the Health Ministry office to take blood pressures. Stop by the office (across from the Kitchen) and have yours checked today!

Food fosters fellowship! Many have expressed a desire for time together in the
Gathering Space between worship services. Set-up and clean-up are needed, along with snack food that can be purchased or made. We are looking for someone to coordinate this ministry with the help of others! If you are interested, please mark the green sheet.