Curriculum Basics

Spiritual Development

Weekly Chapel Time with our Pastor

  Prayer before snack

Bible stories and seasonal songs

Language Development

Oral expression/listening skills

Vocabulary extension

Daily reading time

Appropriate field trips (e.g., fire station)

Physical Development

Large muscle development

Fine motor skill development

Coordination activities

Social-Emotional Development

Respect and warmth shown to each child

Cooperative play experiences

Trust in environment and adults

Develop empathy for others

Cognition, Problem Solving, and Scientific Development

Opportunities to see similarities and differences

Develop senses:  see, hear, taste, smell, and touch

Use diverse materials (e.g., water, clay, objects)

Observe and care for plants and animals

Mathematical Development

Counting activities

Beginning recognition of numbers

Development of basic number concepts

Awareness of time intervals

Creative Development

Daily art classes

Exploration with wide variety of visual media

Distinguishing between fantasy and reality

Encouragement of imagination

Weekly music classes