Yearly Archives: 2017

The Sounds of Love

Luke 2:1-20 Christmas Eve 2017 It is as if time is standing still here on this most holy of nights, the night of our dear Savior’s birth.  All that has been, all that there is, and all that will be converge on this night in this place.  We are transported to Bethlehem, with Mary and […]

How Can This Be?

Luke 1:26-38, 46b-55     Fourth Sunday of Advent     December 24, 2017 “How can this be?”  That’s what Mary asks, of the angel Gabriel. In the painting above, Irish painter Adam Pomeroy imagines Mary as a contemporary young Irish woman.  It’s a striking depiction of what Mary’s face and body language might have looked like. Specifically, […]

Light in the Darkness

The darkness is deepest during these weeks, for us in the northern hemisphere.  Dusk comes in the late afternoon.  The sun rises 14 hours later. For some ancient European peoples, the winter solstice was an important time of religious rituals, encouraging the sun to return.  One theory why December 25 was chosen as the date […]


  John 1:6-8, 19-2 8     Advent 3 She was in fifth grade at Sunrise Elementary school in Colorado.  Ashwanty Davis had big brown eyes, and a subtle smile.  She hoped to grow up to become a Women’s National Basketball star. Some didn’t see her as the person she was, and Ashwanty would have to endure […]

The Beginning of the Good News

Isaiah 40:1-11   Mark 1:1-8     Advent 2  Location, location, location.  We hear that expression when we are searching for a place to settle into so that we can renew our souls, a place to honker down when the snow comes, a place to build a life, a home.  Location is important because the context informs and […]

Keep Alert, Keep Awake, in Hopefulness

Mark 13:24-36     First Sunday of Advent      December 3, 2017   Happy New Year!  You who are liturgical nerds know why I say that: it’s the first Sunday of Advent.  It’s a new year of the church calendar, and we’re reading from a new gospel.  Last year, most Sundays, we read from the gospel of Matthew.  […]

What Is Your Risky, Joyful Response, Doing the Work of the Kingdom?

Matthew 25:14-30     Lectionary 33     Pentecost 24     November 19, 2017   We have some pretty interesting passages this morning, don’t we?  I need to comment on two things that might be catching your attention. The frequent reference to slaves in the gospel story in very problematic!  Some English versions of the Bible paraphrase the Greek […]

The Bridegroom

  Matthew 25:1-13     Time After Pentecost Lectionary 32 A bridegroom who doesn’t show up when expected, and who seems to be suffering from amnesia, a wedding party who falls asleep, selfish but wise bridesmaids, and a door that slams shut—that’s our gospel this day. And while we hear about the bridegroom and the bridesmaids, there […]

Blessed Are

Matthew 5:1-13     All Saints Day The word “blessed” is used in different forms, all of them with nuanced meanings. “You are truly blessed.” “You have my blessings.”  “Have a blessed day!”  Those who are mathematically inclined say, “Count your blessings.”  When I moved to the South, I learned the real meaning of, “Bless your heart,” […]