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Sunday sermons by Pastor Andy Ballentine and Pastor Cheryl Griffin.

Tricky Question

Luke 20:27-38 Lectionary 31 There is nothing simple about this story.  The relationship between Jesus and the Sadducees, marriage, Jewish law, and resurrection, –all of these are complicated, and all of them are integral to our gospel reading this morning. The Sadducees were priests who had power and influence. They kept company with others who […]

Sinner and Holy

  Romans 3:19-28  John 8:31-36 October 27, 2019  Reformation Sunday   You will know the truth, Jesus says.  Was truth as muddy and confusing then as it is now?  Postmodernism rejects universal truths.  We question everything, and for good reason. Facts seem to change.  Pluto was a full- fledged planet.  Now demoted to a dwarf […]


Luke 18:1-8 Lectionary 29    19th Sunday after Pentecost   How did you hear this story?  What characteristics did you ascribe to the judge?  How about the widow?  What things were we actually told about the judge, and about the widow?  Sometimes, our brain takes perceived information and turns it into “facts.” To illustrate this, I […]

How Much Faith Is Enough?

Luke 17:5-10 17th Sunday after Pentecost  ~  Lectionary 27  “Moderation is for monks,” my husband says.  “More is better!” is his motto.  This explains the shrubs in my yard are burnt by fertilizer.  Do we ever have enough?  Do we think in terms of and focus more on scarcity than we do abundance?  Do we […]

Angels Among Us

  Daniel 10:10-14; 12:1-3   Revelation 12:7-12   Luke 10:17-20 St. Michael and All Angels   Are angels real?  A Google search for “angels” turns up pages of entries for the Los Angeles baseball team Angels.  (They have a zero percent chance to win the World Series this year.)  Are angels real? Amazon Alexa won’t commit.  My […]

The Dishonest Steward

Luke 16:1-13     Lectionary 25   15th Sunday after Pentecost Do I look like I’ve been through a wrestling match?  Is my hip out of place like Jacob’s?  Our reading from Luke this morning challenges even scholars.  It’s been said that this passage “poses significant theological challenges,” and “is difficult to read and difficult to preach.”  One commentary […]

Choose Life

Deuteronomy 30:15-20     Luke 14:25-33     13th Sunday after Pentecost   We are faced with choices every day.  Some choices, such as which cereal to buy, are relatively inconsequential.  The college we attend, and what major we choose have more impact on our lives.  Choosing to have a life-partner will change our life in ways we cannot even […]

Table Manners

Luke 14:1, 7-14      12th Sunday after Pentecost I want to ask all of you who are sitting, how much thought did you give it?  Sitting, I mean.  Not how to sit, but where to sit and why.  Are you in the back row or the front?  And with whom are you sitting?  Maybe you just […]

Sinners and Saints

Hebrews 11:29-12:2     10thSunday After Pentecost   What do you know about your family tree?  In recent times, we have become fascinated with locating ourselves in our families and culture.  The movie Rootshelped to spark our interest in “finding ourselves.”  Technology has helped make it easier for us to track our lineage.[1] Companies like 23 and Me […]

Hope in the Meantime

Genesis 15:1-6   Hebrews 11:1-3, 8-16   Luke 12:32-40 9thSunday after Pentecost   Last Sunday morning, 27 people were injured, and 10 people were killed within 30 seconds in Dayton.  The dead included the sister of the shooter, and the shooter himself. I found out about the shooting from a text message that my daughter, Kelly, sent to […]