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What Are We To Do? We Are To Love Boldly!

Luke 10:25-37     Lectionary 15     Fifth Sunday after Pentecost     July 14, 2019   What are we to do – as followers of Jesus? In last week’s story, in the gospel of Luke, Jesus sends out 70 of his followers to do two things: to declare the peace of the kingdom of God, and to bring […]

Patriotism, the Bible, and Citizenship

The bunting is out all over town.  Flags are waving.  I love July 4 in Williamsburg.  Nearly every year I go down to Duke of Gloucester Street to hear an interpreter read the Declaration of Independence.  What a thrilling experience!   When do you feel most patriotic?  For me, it’s when I’m entering my assigned […]

We Are Set Free — To Love Each Other in Community

Galatians 5:1, 13-25     Lectionary 13     Third Sunday after Pentecost     June 30, 2019   You don’t hear many “Thou shalt nots” in a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  That’s because we are so Biblical! (All churches say they’re “Biblical!”  What that means, for us in the ELCA, is that we interpret […]

Led By The Spirit: Spiritual And Religious

Romans 8:14-17     Pentecost     June 9, 2019   The Spirit leads us to be baptized into a set of religious practices.  Through these practices, God creates faith and nurtures and nourishes us in a way of life: of being led by the Spirit.   On survey forms, do you know what is the fastest-growing religious […]

Radical Grace

  John 5:1-9     6th Sunday of Easter “Do you want to be made well?” Jesus asked.  I am captivated by this question every time that I read it.  “Do you want to be made well?” These were Jesus’ first words to the sick man lying in the vicinity of the pool.  He had been […]

Memorial Service Homily for Frank W. Youngk

John 21:1-14     May 13, 2019   It was a tragic death – sudden, unexpected.  The group of those who loved him are huddling together, in confusion and despair and even hopelessness.  They are struggling to make sense of a tragedy that they might never be able to fully understand. Yes, that is what’s going […]

Where Does Faith Come From?

John 10:22-30     Fourth Sunday of Easter     May 12, 2019     Where does faith come from?  Have you ever thought about the mystery of faith? In our culture, we’re not good at mystery, because then we’re drawn into something we can never fully understand or control or master, and we don’t like that!  Instead, […]

The Risen Christ In Our Ordinary Days

John 21:1-19     Third Sunday of Easter     May 5, 2019 I love the way the gospel of John ends.  The risen Christ appears to his disciples during an ordinary day. The four gospels are four collections of stories that were spoken for years before they were written down.[1]  (Those of you who were here yesterday, […]