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One of the joys of St Stephen’s mission is serving the Lutheran student population at the College of William & Mary.  We have a College Room available for students of the Lutheran Student Association (LSA).  It’s open 24/7 as a place to study (wireless Internet!) or relax (the couches are perfect for naps!) Members of the congregation enjoy providing meals for the LSAers on Sundays at 6 PM, and students gather formally and informally throughout the week.  (The LSA is part of the Lutheran Student Movement.)

LSAers are predominantly Lutheran, but need not be. Members are united in their faith in God, but are diverse in background, experiences, majors, and personalities.

Members of the Campus Ministry support the LSAers by providing guidance and an environment where the LSAer can:

  • explore what faith means to them as college students,
  • have fun and form meaningful friendships,
  • leave behind the pressures of life at William and Mary,
  • become part of the larger Williamsburg community by serving others and participating in the church worship. College students have been
    • teaching children on Sunday mornings,
    • reading the lessons during worship,
    • singing in the choir,
    • working with congregation members in our social ministries to the homeless.

Members of the congregation can also “adopt a student”—inviting that student to a home-cooked meal, being a resource of information, providing rides to the airport, keeping in touch, etc.

Each year, LSAers decide how they’d like to get together. Past activities have included:

  • WOW (Word on Wednesday) Bible study.
  • Games.
  • Discussions.
  • Ice cream.
  • Short communion services.
  • Service projects.
  • Communal meals.
  • Weekend camping trips.
  • Beach week.

Campus Ministry and LSA welcome all college students who would like to be part of this great organization.  To learn more, contact Pastor Griffin or

LSA President Brittany Acors or

visit the W&M LSA page on Facebook.

The Lutheran Student Association at the College of William and Mary is a member of Campus Ministries United.  To learn more about CaMU, please go to:

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